All Work And No Play

If “The Best Thing I Can Do For My Children Is Be Happy”, I need to know How.

The  recommendation from positive psychologists is  that  we make deliberate  efforts  to  increase  the  number  of  times  we  experience positive emotions. They have found that when we experience a high number of positive emotions, we are more resilient. That is, we are more able to deal with and bounce back from unwanted events and negative emotions.

They have found that rather than one big event making us happy, we need a steady diet of positive emotions to keep us happy. So rather than waiting for a lottery win we need to make time to experience more positive emotion throughout each day. They suggest that we need to experience at least three positive emotions for every negative emotion we experience in order for us to flourish.

Positive psychologists categorize positive emotions into the following ten emotions:

Joy; Gratitude; Serenity; Interest; Hope; Pride; Amusement; Inspiration; Awe; Love.

Working through the list, consider how you might increase the number of times you experience that positive emotion. For example, taking  a  walk  to  a  local  beauty  spot  might  increase  your  levels  of serenity  and  awe.  Contemplating  the  achievements and strengths of  yourself  or  a loved one will increase your feelings of pride and love. Researching the lives of people who you admire should increase your interest and inspiration. Watching a funny film will increase the amount of humour in your life. Play will increase your feelings of humour and joy. Meditation has been shown to increase all of the positive emotions.

I would love to know if this resonates with you.

Much Love, Jo x

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