Family Trees

I expect we all love trees but I especially love the ones where lots of limbs have developed from low down on the trunk.  I love considering how from just one couple (or trunk) so many branches (or families) can grow. Bill and I have 8 children together and if each of them have 8 children then we will have 64 Grandchildren! I doubt that is going to happen though. My 6 year old tells me she wants 9 children but my other children have said they want a ‘normal’ sized family.

The other thing about trees is that they are unassuming yet essential. They quietly go about their business of oxygenating the planet for us and don’t seem to mind if we notice or not. But we do well not to take them for granted. It is in our best interest to protect them and recognise the vital role they play in the world. The same could be said for parents. Often what we do for our children goes unnoticed. Others may not realise the value of the time we spend nurturing, teaching and loving our children as the results are often unseen. This can then affect how we value our role as parents and subsequently, our enjoyment of parenthood.

I had always wanted to be a Mum yet found the reality much harder than I could have imagined. One reason was that my role held little value in the eyes of the world. I remember bumping into my old high school teacher who expressed disappointment that I was ‘Just A Mum’ as I had done well academically. Having been used to receiving positive feedback in the form of good grades at school or college and in the form of appreciation in my work as a midwife, I was floundering without encouragement from others. I eventually learned the importance of self validation. it didn’t matter if anyone else was appreciating my efforts as long as I did.

That is my intention here, to encourage you to be your own cheerleader. Don’t underestimate the importance of your role just because it may not make any money or receive any accolades from the world. It is easy to be your own worst critic and focus on what mistakes you may have made in the day or aspects of your personality you dislike. This is known as Negativity Bias. Instead, take time today to make a note of what you are doing well. What have you achieved today? Have you made time to do things that please you? What are your strengths? What qualities do your friends admire about you? Remember that ‘What we focus on Grows’ so focus on the positive.

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  1. Lovely post with such an important message – so often neglected!

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