Let Them Be (part 1)

I think I may have worked out why I, and many others I know, struggle with just “being”. We are told from childhood, to put off doing what we want to do in favour of working towards our future.

Primary school is about preparing for secondary school. Secondary school is about passing exams in preparation for college or training. Then life is about working hard to enjoy rare time off and “things” before we can enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Being mindful is helping me get better at enjoying the journey but it feels like my natural setting is to look to the destination. I have to remind myself that my future may involve illness and loss and will definitely involve death, so I may as well enjoy what life has to offer me now.

My home may be messy and noisy at times, but I know that these days can be the best days of my life, if I will stop and appreciate them.

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