Seize The Day

So I spent an hour in the cemetery this morning. I had left my daughter at a gymnastics class and fancied sitting quietly in a beautiful location while I waited. I drove around looking for a suitable spot and came across a cemetery. It was perfect! It was quiet apart from the magnificent birdsong, I was surrounded by cherry blossom and I didn’t look out of place sat by myself. I find a cemetery a great place to find perspective. I remember that life is not for ever (at least in this body) and so I should make the most of each moment. I remember to seize the day.
On the walk back to the car I came across a section of the grounds that were dedicated to remembering babies that had been stillborn. I had a little cry as I had a tiny glimpse of how the parents might have felt. Thinking of these families that hadn’t been able to enjoy their new-born babies made me think of my own children. How often do we forget the love and joy these people have brought into our lives and instead focus on their apparent faults or the ‘work’ they create? Here was a reminder to appreciate my children, focus on their positives and not take life’s treasures for granted. It’s so easy to forget the important things in life as we deal with the demands of our busy lives.
Today, maybe consider how you can make time to stop and smell the roses and have more quality interaction with your child. Much Love xxx

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