You Deserve Love

I know it sounds corny, and you must have heard it a hundred times, but you HAVE to love yourself unconditionally in order to be the joyful, inspired parent we want to be. Let me explain.

I bumped into a friend yesterday on my daily walk and we were discussing who we perceived God/Source to be (like you do, lol). He reckoned his behaviour during his lifetime would be judged at his death. He hoped he would scrape through into a wonderful afterlife.

I explained that I believed God/Source was all-knowing and all-loving. All the reasons we behave the way we do are known and understand and only compassion is the right response to any unpleasant (or even dramatically horrible and destructive) behaviour we express. Bear with me, it will all become clear (hopefully)!

What has all this got to do with parenting, I hear you ask? Our beliefs about how the universe/God/Source works will probably affect how we parent. If we believe the universe/God/Source is judgemental and punishing then we will feel deserving of this from time to time and will show these attitudes to our children when they behave in a way we feel is inappropriate. If we believe the universe/God/Source is all loving and compassionate then we can show ourselves, and our children compassion.

I’m not suggesting that there shouldn’t be consequences for our actions. I’m just suggesting that our motive when considering consequences, should be love not judgement and learning not punishment.

Research has repeatedly shown that compassion not criticism brings out the best in people. So show yourself some compassion today and THEN you will be in a good position to show your children the same.

This is a HUGE, game-changing topic so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Much Love, Jo x

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